The first thing that I thought of when starting this blog was the music video to Kanye West’s song “The New Workout Plan”. I remember seeing the video years ago and thinking that it was one of the most bizarre yet comical things that I’ve ever seen because of the truth that relies in it. As women sometimes we are only motivated to go after what it is that we want if there is a man involved or if there’s some big prize involved for us that revolves around a man getting it for us. And it’s not that we don’t need men, that’s not it at all. It’s that we need to learn how to find happy outside of people and things so that the special men and material objects in our lives are in addition to the happiness that we already own.

So today’s post is about willpower, that’s all you need to get your life in order and find your happy. I feel the side eyes coming from computer screens around the world (laugh). No it’s not that simple but willpower does have a lot to do with it, it’s one aspect. And something that finds itself at the hands of willpower consistently in life is the object of health. Saying no to unreasonable amounts of sugars and carbohydrates, upping our vegetable and fruit intake, forcing ourselves to take vitamins earlier rather than later, and finding the power within in ourselves to get up and exercise. These are all things that we as individuals should want to do for ourselves because it’s only going improve our quality of life.

I personally have noticed that my willpower has gotten stronger over the last month and it’s actually come with more ease than ever before. I don’t know why but I think it might be due to my desire to change my mindset which is a parent of willpower in so many ways. It all starts with the mind and when you’re able to get control of your mind you will actively practice willpower in every area of your life where you find that you are weak to certain things and triggers. Willpower is important, health is important, mindset is important. So exercise your willpower today, alter your mindset for the better, get that body moving, and move those vegetables and fruits to the forefront for your own well being and your own happy.



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