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My first assignment in starting the journey of exercising was to get some wireless headphones. I went to Best Buy and spent about an hour and a half searching for the perfect wireless headphones out of the bunch that were sitting amongst two aisles. When I finally found the ones I knew they were the ones because of their smooth looking design and because they would be able to accomplish the job of getting me out onto the track to run. I was debating between getting wireless headset headphones but one of the store associates explained to me that there would be a great possibility of getting hit in the face with the headphones because they would need to hang around my neck as I was running. So I knew those were out because I didn’t want to incite an injury so early on in my exercise journey (and hopefully not at all). I also considered getting a bluetooth but it would only accomplish music coming through one ear and I felt I would feel as if something were missing by having nothing in the other ear.

The lucky headphones are the Jabra Step Wireless headphones. I have succeeded in running for two days so far and I have used the Jabra headphones with ease. They fit comfortably in my ears and they stay in the whole time while I’m running they don’t have a strong bluetooth connection beyond like ten feet but it works for me because I carry my phone in my hand while exercising so that I can time myself as I do interval exercising. An example of interval exercising by the way is doing a moderate type of exercise for five minutes and a more intense type of exercise for one minute and so on. I’m so happy to have found thee headphones for me and look forward to what our future holds as “aspiring runner” and “awesome headphones” the duo.



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