As I stated in my last post, I am taking this week and spreading my horizons into other areas of my life which need vast improvement outside of physical fitness. It’s back to the mind. I struggled this past weekend with actually putting willpower into action. I met up with two friends who’ve I’ve known forever and with whom I have always practiced bad eating habits with because we go way back. Back to the days of having sleepovers with buffets of unhealthy, sugar, and carbohydrate induced foods.

Since the holidays passed I have been trying to steer away from eating huge amounts of pizza and ice cream. But this past week I was craving pizza. So even though I told myself that from now on when I go to restaurants I am only allowed to get meat and vegetables, I caved. I ended up at UNO Chicago Grill eating a big pepperoni flatbread. Now, if I had gone to my favorite Wood Fired Pizzeria I would’ve had a much more healthy pizza made from natural ingredients so it wouldn’t have been as bad, and would have steered me in a healthier direction. It would have been even better if I had gone to the Wood Fired Pizzeria and then divided my pizza with a friend. What I have learned from reflecting on my lack of willpower this weekend is that my inability to really think about how I can make healthier food choices and then practice that behavior is setting me back unnecessarily.



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