So I actually followed through with taking an exercise class on Tuesday and it was in the morning at 8am. Yes, I am serious about this workout thing. The only hiccup is that I just got my hair done today so I may not be able to keep up with my Tuesday/Thursday exercise schedule because I very much want to enjoy well-behaved hair for at least one day. But back to the exercise class that I took, it was a cycling class and it was death. The funny thing is that all of these rigorous and physically taxing exercises actually help us humans live longer even though they feel like they might just kill us. I have to say though that after a workout I always feel accomplished, rejuvenated, and closer to my dreams.

I think I feel closer to my dreams because taking care of myself and taking the time out to really form healthy routines and habits in my life will only help me hone the skill of discipline in other areas of my life. That includes making time for my passions, hobbies, and God given gifts. I read an article on a blog earlier this week called “24 Things You Need To Know Before Turning 24”. And as I was reading I was happy to find that I was doing one of the things already, taking advantage of my school’s gym. I read a lot of self help articles and I’m usually fawning over everything that I wish I had the motivation to do rather than actually doing anything at all.

The cycling class was challenging to get through because I haven’t worked out intensely and on a regular basis in a couple of years. But what I loved was that taking the class opened my eyes even wider to how out of shape I am and how I need to make better diet choices so that I won’t have to pay for bad diet choices later. Taking exercise classes keeps me aware of my body’s current state and how important my health is to my self-esteem, and overall quality of life.



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