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This past week I have spent so much time researching blogs and websites, reading customer reviews, and watching YouTube videos in search of the best natural hair products for my hair. And after all of the work and not so much stress but rather anxiousness I was able to find a few great natural products to start my RAENEWED (hair journey) LIFESTYLE. I have always been a natural hair girl since I was born, I have never had my hair chemically processed but I have had my hair heat styled since the age of ten. I was actually one of those little girls who didn’t want to get her hair done, I would go with my Mom to the hair salon and watch everyone get their hair done and wonder why everyone made such a fuss. Even though outside of the hair salon I did aspire to have luscious long, big hair. And it wasn’t that my hair couldn’t grow longer and wasn’t in the process of doing so it was just that it needed a little more attention and hair growth effort than it was getting. As a little girl my hair got styled in mainly protective styles such as braids and twists with my own natural hair (the hair that grows out of my head). But instead of simply being in twists or loose braids, the braids were tight and the twists were tamed by rubber bands. And I always wondered why I couldn’t just wear my hair out, crazy, and big. And after starting to get my hair heat styled I could so I adjusted and eventually joined the hair craze because I could finally get my hair to do more stuff with less effort.

Over the years since beginning to get my hair heat styled I’ve experimented with wearing my hair in it’s most natural state which is without heat. And I loved those periods even though they were at times frustrating because working with my hair in it’s most natural state takes a lot of work. Well recently I went about four months without heat on my hair and it was an interesting experience. My hair was bomb and it boomed and got really big at times, and at other times depending on what products I used and how much patience I had my hair would turn out the total opposite of what I was going for. But then I thought that I would go back to heat styling because it is “easier”. Well it’s actually not because it stills takes care and I just don’t want to generally take time out to do anything to my hair although I know I need to. And it’s not that I don’t like my hair. I love it, it’s mine. It’s that I JUST DON’T LIKE DOING HAIR. Except maybe chopping the hair of my Barbie dolls into all different types of assortments as a child.

So I’m going on another journey for booming, bomb hair. And it starts with confidence, and ends with loving every part of myself fully and completely. The bad, the good, the ugly, the undesirable. On this journey I do find myself looking at all the natural hair mavens of today and wondering what’s in their fingers that makes their hair look so wonderful every time they do it, and in every picture they take, but I know they too have their rough days. I have decided to instead of letting myself be taken over by the green eyed monster of jealousy I will use these individuals as “hair envy inspirations”. If I find myself envying someone’s hair I can turn that envy into inspiration by being inspired by how they’re able to be confident in their hair and take the time out to really care for their hair, so that I too can be a hair whisperer.



4 thoughts on “HAIR ENVY

  1. There should be an “all of the above” option on your poll. I love Solange & Janelle Monáe’s hair. But I also have a number of women in my life who’s hair I admire (family members, friends, strangers!


    1. You are so right! I didn’t even think of that until now. I too have inspirations from all categories. I’ve had some best friends with crazy amazing hair, celebs like Tracee Ellis Ross whose hair confidence I love, and family members whose hair I still drool over:) By the way thanks for reading and commenting. You’re the first to ever comment on my blog. You made history!-RAENEWED LIFESTYLE

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