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This past week has been one for the books. In combination with the amazing weather which has boosted my happy and satisfaction with life’s happenings I have had some not so bright moments. In life there are those instances, situations, and relationships that come along and attempt to dim your light. These things or people that do this can make you feel so down as if life isn’t the gift that it is and as if you aren’t the star that you are. You may be one of billions of people around the world but you are the only you. And your path that has already been set forth by God can’t be altered by other people even if they try to make you believe they have that power over your life. You have to find the strength and courage within yourself and those positive things in your life to motivate you to fight to keep your power. Because you have so much.

I have analyzed this past week and come to the conclusion that I was created with care and put on this earth for a specific purpose and no one and no thing can take away from that unless I release my power, and give up my ability to choose. Today I choose life and love, the most beautiful gifts on this earth. And I choose to use my freewill to live my best life because I will be the only one to blame if I let my life be spent doing anything else. I know that trials will continue to come because that’s just a part of life but I don’t have to give anyone else the opportunity or power to dim my light. Because my light is not theirs to dim. What in life has attempted to dim your light?



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