Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the dichotomy between what I want to spend my time doing in the present and long term versus what I’m actually doing. It’s crazy because ever since I was little music has been the one constant outside of friends and family that has kept me engaged. It encompasses so much of my time and has literally gotten me through college thus far. I was listening to Brandy’s album Never Say Never and I was thinking about the time I have spent commuting to and from school for the last three years and the great contribution that Brandy’s music has made in accompanying me along many of those drives.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 9.45.06 AM

Yesterday evening I was online searching the status of one of my new favorite artists Kyndall and she’s really progressing in her career. She’s been working towards her big break in the music industry for like four years and has now released an EP that she’s really satisfied with and she’s starting to get a lot of attention from people who are just now finding out who she is. It’s funny to me because every time I find an artist that’s up and coming it seems like the three years that I’m around to see them grow goes out the window when masses of people finally wake up and discover these new artists. But I also wonder what it is that I could have accomplished if I was taking a path different from the one I’m on now. Who could I have been right now? Who could have known me right now? To keep me sane I’ve adopted quotes into my life such as “What’s meant for you will be.” and “You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce.” Because I constantly find myself searching for contentment and reasoning for why things are going certain ways even though I already know that each person’s path is different and no two paths will ever be the same. Even in all of this growing that I’m experiencing music stands as my solace.



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