Today I conquered cycling once again and although it was part torture, I find it gets easier every time because with more practice my body adjusts more. I’ve seen the success of putting the time in to exercise on a regular basis. It works, and it gets me the results that I’m looking for. It took a lot in me today to force my way to the cycling class but I just had to because I know that come summer I want to be in a better place. And I understand that better place cannot come to be unless I make better choices concerning my health. With the right change will come the results I’m looking for.

I know that it’s going to continue to take pushing my way to each exercise class, and saying no to eating overtly portioned carbohydrate filled meals. But it’s work that I really think I’m willing to put in, precisely because I’m ready for a change of pace. And within some years I’ll be ready for that special man to enter my life. But before then I want to settle in with me, my dreams, a higher self-esteem, and a complete love and satisfaction with self.



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