Today I conquered cycling once again and although it was part torture, I find it gets easier every time because with more practice my body adjusts more. I’ve seen the success of putting the time in to exercise on a regular basis. It works, and it gets me the results that I’m looking for. It took a lot in me today to force my way to the cycling class but I just had to because I know that come summer I want to be in a better place. And I understand that better place cannot come to be unless I make better choices concerning my health. With the right change will come the results I’m looking for.

I know that it’s going to continue to take pushing my way to each exercise class, and saying no to eating overtly portioned carbohydrate filled meals. But it’s work that I really think I’m willing to put in, precisely because I’m ready for a change of pace. And within some years I’ll be ready for that special man to enter my life. But before then I want to settle in with me, my dreams, a higher self-esteem, and a complete love and satisfaction with self.




Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the dichotomy between what I want to spend my time doing in the present and long term versus what I’m actually doing. It’s crazy because ever since I was little music has been the one constant outside of friends and family that has kept me engaged. It encompasses so much of my time and has literally gotten me through college thus far. I was listening to Brandy’s album Never Say Never and I was thinking about the time I have spent commuting to and from school for the last three years and the great contribution that Brandy’s music has made in accompanying me along many of those drives.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 9.45.06 AM

Yesterday evening I was online searching the status of one of my new favorite artists Kyndall and she’s really progressing in her career. She’s been working towards her big break in the music industry for like four years and has now released an EP that she’s really satisfied with and she’s starting to get a lot of attention from people who are just now finding out who she is. It’s funny to me because every time I find an artist that’s up and coming it seems like the three years that I’m around to see them grow goes out the window when masses of people finally wake up and discover these new artists. But I also wonder what it is that I could have accomplished if I was taking a path different from the one I’m on now. Who could I have been right now? Who could have known me right now? To keep me sane I’ve adopted quotes into my life such as “What’s meant for you will be.” and “You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce.” Because I constantly find myself searching for contentment and reasoning for why things are going certain ways even though I already know that each person’s path is different and no two paths will ever be the same. Even in all of this growing that I’m experiencing music stands as my solace.



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So today I exercised again, yes I tortured myself with a cycling class, but it was worth it. And I feel the abs coming my way. Yesterday I was sitting listening to music and I started to think about all of the things I love, one of them being music and how great it feels when some of favorite things are combined into one. I listed in the image some of my favorite actresses who inspire me everyday to keep running after my dreams. My favorite musicians who have influenced my life on a major level. My favorite foods which have gotten me into trouble quite a bit. My favorite place, the beach. My favorite body mode, my favorite activities. All of these favorite things of mine only motivate me to do better and they definitely make me feel better (the food only does when in moderation). With Easter came some overt servings of carbohydrates onto my plate. Anyhow these are some of the things that make up me and my happy. And I think I’ll keep them around for the long run.

I forgot to put music and dancing on there I guess because they’re so engrained in me at this point that my brain didn’t feel the need to point them out. I originally planned to create a collage of pictures of some of my favorite things but Photoshop was not working with me. I really wanted to post a few images of some of the Urban Outfitters swimsuits I’m anxious to purchase this summer, and pictures of Turks and Caicos, and St. Thomas some places that I’m in route to in the near future (speak things into existence). But I’m sure you can picture those beautiful places. All in all I’m just happy to be closer to my summer fit goal. Healthy body, my favorite things, happy me.



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This past week has been one for the books. In combination with the amazing weather which has boosted my happy and satisfaction with life’s happenings I have had some not so bright moments. In life there are those instances, situations, and relationships that come along and attempt to dim your light. These things or people that do this can make you feel so down as if life isn’t the gift that it is and as if you aren’t the star that you are. You may be one of billions of people around the world but you are the only you. And your path that has already been set forth by God can’t be altered by other people even if they try to make you believe they have that power over your life. You have to find the strength and courage within yourself and those positive things in your life to motivate you to fight to keep your power. Because you have so much.

I have analyzed this past week and come to the conclusion that I was created with care and put on this earth for a specific purpose and no one and no thing can take away from that unless I release my power, and give up my ability to choose. Today I choose life and love, the most beautiful gifts on this earth. And I choose to use my freewill to live my best life because I will be the only one to blame if I let my life be spent doing anything else. I know that trials will continue to come because that’s just a part of life but I don’t have to give anyone else the opportunity or power to dim my light. Because my light is not theirs to dim. What in life has attempted to dim your light?



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This past week I have spent so much time researching blogs and websites, reading customer reviews, and watching YouTube videos in search of the best natural hair products for my hair. And after all of the work and not so much stress but rather anxiousness I was able to find a few great natural products to start my RAENEWED (hair journey) LIFESTYLE. I have always been a natural hair girl since I was born, I have never had my hair chemically processed but I have had my hair heat styled since the age of ten. I was actually one of those little girls who didn’t want to get her hair done, I would go with my Mom to the hair salon and watch everyone get their hair done and wonder why everyone made such a fuss. Even though outside of the hair salon I did aspire to have luscious long, big hair. And it wasn’t that my hair couldn’t grow longer and wasn’t in the process of doing so it was just that it needed a little more attention and hair growth effort than it was getting. As a little girl my hair got styled in mainly protective styles such as braids and twists with my own natural hair (the hair that grows out of my head). But instead of simply being in twists or loose braids, the braids were tight and the twists were tamed by rubber bands. And I always wondered why I couldn’t just wear my hair out, crazy, and big. And after starting to get my hair heat styled I could so I adjusted and eventually joined the hair craze because I could finally get my hair to do more stuff with less effort.

Over the years since beginning to get my hair heat styled I’ve experimented with wearing my hair in it’s most natural state which is without heat. And I loved those periods even though they were at times frustrating because working with my hair in it’s most natural state takes a lot of work. Well recently I went about four months without heat on my hair and it was an interesting experience. My hair was bomb and it boomed and got really big at times, and at other times depending on what products I used and how much patience I had my hair would turn out the total opposite of what I was going for. But then I thought that I would go back to heat styling because it is “easier”. Well it’s actually not because it stills takes care and I just don’t want to generally take time out to do anything to my hair although I know I need to. And it’s not that I don’t like my hair. I love it, it’s mine. It’s that I JUST DON’T LIKE DOING HAIR. Except maybe chopping the hair of my Barbie dolls into all different types of assortments as a child.

So I’m going on another journey for booming, bomb hair. And it starts with confidence, and ends with loving every part of myself fully and completely. The bad, the good, the ugly, the undesirable. On this journey I do find myself looking at all the natural hair mavens of today and wondering what’s in their fingers that makes their hair look so wonderful every time they do it, and in every picture they take, but I know they too have their rough days. I have decided to instead of letting myself be taken over by the green eyed monster of jealousy I will use these individuals as “hair envy inspirations”. If I find myself envying someone’s hair I can turn that envy into inspiration by being inspired by how they’re able to be confident in their hair and take the time out to really care for their hair, so that I too can be a hair whisperer.




So I actually followed through with taking an exercise class on Tuesday and it was in the morning at 8am. Yes, I am serious about this workout thing. The only hiccup is that I just got my hair done today so I may not be able to keep up with my Tuesday/Thursday exercise schedule because I very much want to enjoy well-behaved hair for at least one day. But back to the exercise class that I took, it was a cycling class and it was death. The funny thing is that all of these rigorous and physically taxing exercises actually help us humans live longer even though they feel like they might just kill us. I have to say though that after a workout I always feel accomplished, rejuvenated, and closer to my dreams.

I think I feel closer to my dreams because taking care of myself and taking the time out to really form healthy routines and habits in my life will only help me hone the skill of discipline in other areas of my life. That includes making time for my passions, hobbies, and God given gifts. I read an article on a blog earlier this week called “24 Things You Need To Know Before Turning 24”. And as I was reading I was happy to find that I was doing one of the things already, taking advantage of my school’s gym. I read a lot of self help articles and I’m usually fawning over everything that I wish I had the motivation to do rather than actually doing anything at all.

The cycling class was challenging to get through because I haven’t worked out intensely and on a regular basis in a couple of years. But what I loved was that taking the class opened my eyes even wider to how out of shape I am and how I need to make better diet choices so that I won’t have to pay for bad diet choices later. Taking exercise classes keeps me aware of my body’s current state and how important my health is to my self-esteem, and overall quality of life.




So tomorrow morning after a week of still motion (refusing to perform any purposeful fitness focused physical activity), I am going to start taking exercise classes at my college’s fitness center. I’ve taken some classes before during another semester and they were very effective because I was being directed in movement by an instructor. Something about group exercise classes makes me feel more accountable for what it is that has to be accomplished. And cardio is my best friend in the world of fitness, I think because of the way my body is built. And because of my diet, I consume a lot of foods that make for strong bones and resulted muscle exposure if I am being active.

I am excited about the results I’ll see in my shape and improved fitness in the coming months. I still want to incorporate running into my fitness routine somehow but for now I’ll stick with the classes because my schedule  is getting busier by the minute. I think I’ll wait to incorporate running into my usual schedule when my Godsister and I are able to find free time in our schedules because she also wants to pick up running. I really think that as I move into being more committed to a better, permanently raenewed lifestyle that things will continue to get better in my life as a whole.