I’m enjoying my break week from all rigorous physical activity but I have to say that my impromptu solo dance party that I had the other night was really refreshing. I decided to play some of my favorite songs of right now through my speakers after I got finished watching my favorite TV show of right now, Being Mary JaneAnd I guess I was inspired by the main character’s dance scene at the end of the episode where she was just letting go and feeling the music. While I was dancing I was thinking about how much fun I always have just dancing to my favorite songs for fun. And how afterwards I always feel like I got a free workout because it doesn’t take an enormous amount of effort, it only takes my love of my favorite music.

I don’t want exercising and being in shape to be something that I hate trying to achieve. I also don’t want it to be something that I put off for months at a time. Instead I want it to truly be a part of my lifestyle but I know that it has to be channeled by things that I enjoy doing and find fun to do. Like, dancing! I think once I’m able to find some type of dance class for young adults who do it for fun I will definitely be joining. I want dancing to become a bigger part of my life because I love doing it. It’s funny though because when I was younger I took dance classes but I begged my Mom to let me quit. But I didn’t want to quit because I hated the art of dancing I more disliked the competition and comparison to other girls and the pressure to be like the girls who seemed like they were so perfect and had it so easy. Now I wish that I had stuck with it for fitness sake. But for now I’m going to continue to turn up the tunes in my room and dance like I mean it because life’s too short to not to be in my most healthy state and have fun getting myself and keeping myself there.



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